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El Salvador Accepts Bitcoin's Future While Bukele Secures a Historic Win

KryptoLenz - Kaeshi
KryptoLenz - Kaeshi

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Key points

  • Opponents criticize Bukele's policy for its volatility and investment risks in bitcoin
  • The results of Bukele's policies may impact international laws and adoption of digital currency by other nations
  • Bukele's strong support among the Salvadoran people is evident in his election victory
  • Challenges remain in balancing the enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies with foreign relations and economic stability
  • Bukele's second term provides an opportunity to solidify El Salvador's position as a leader in the bitcoin space.

With over 85% of the vote, Nayib Bukele's resounding victory as El Salvador's president is not only a political coup but also confirmation of the nation's continued acceptance of bitcoin.

The public's resounding support for Bukele's leadership and his unorthodox policies—such as making bitcoin legal tender—is demonstrated by his victory.

Interpretation: Based on our calculations, we have secured a minimum of 58 out of 60 Assembly deputies and over 85% of the votes to win the presidency. the record throughout global democratic history. I'll see you in front of the National Palace at 9 p.m.

During his first term, Bukele took many risky steps to change El Salvador's economy. El Salvador has delved into unknown financial seas since establishing bitcoin as legal cash in 2021, drawing interest from around the world and occasionally drawing criticism. In spite of the doubts expressed by organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the administration of Bukele has not wavered in its dedication to bitcoin, incorporating it into the country's economy and strategizing its future initiatives.

  • El Salvador's re-election indicates a continued and potentially expanding pro-bitcoin agenda
  • President Bukele's administration has already implemented several initiatives to promote the use of bitcoin
  • These include the creation of the Chivo wallet, the installation of bitcoin ATMs, and plans for a bitcoin-powered city
  • The nation's volcanoes' geothermal energy will be utilized in this bitcoin city project

By introducing the "El Salvador Freedom Visa Program" in collaboration with TetherUSDT 0.0%, people can become citizens of El Salvador simply by investing in USDT or BTCBTC 0.0%. This illustrates the government's strategy for utilizing bitcoin to promote social and economic advancement.


Opponents of Bukele's policy draw attention to the volatility and the risks of investing in bitcoin. Yet, Bukele's popularity among Salvadorans has increased as a result of government initiatives as well as a notable decline in gang-related violence that has been attributed to his security measures. The triumph of these endeavors has not only enhanced the quality of life in the region but has elevated El Salvador to the forefront of an international discourse concerning the function of virtual currencies in national economies.

The world is keeping a close eye on El Salvador as it struggles to deal with the fallout from being the first country to accept bitcoin as legal cash. Re-election gives Bukele the mandate to forward his idea of a world centered around bitcoin, possibly becoming a model for other countries pondering comparable avenues. The results of these policies will probably have an impact on international laws and other nations' adoption of digital currency.

The overwhelming support of the Salvadoran people for Bukele's governance and bitcoin approach is demonstrated by his resounding election. Even while there are still difficulties, especially in striking a balance between the fervor for cryptocurrencies and foreign relations and economic stability, Bukele's second term offers a chance to cemented El Salvador's status as a leader in the bitcoin space.


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