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From Memes to Mastermind: Decoding the Shiba Inu Coin Phenomenon and Its Implications for Meme Marketing

KryptoLenz - Kaeshi
KryptoLenz - Kaeshi

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Meme Marketing

Meme coins, or cryptocurrencies based on online memes, trends, or concepts that appeal to a niche market of investors, are among the most well-known phenomena in the cryptocurrency space. Other meme currencies have emerged as a result of the popularity of altcoins like Dogecoin, as investors have discovered that they can have fun and occasionally make money by dabbling in these alternative investments.

But as Dogecoin surged over 7,000% almost in an instant, speculators shifted their dollars to other cheap currencies in the hopes of making a fortune on the next big hit. What will be their next victim? The coin "designed to kill Dogecoin" is the Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu Coin: What Is It?

Built on the Ethereum network, Shiba Inu is an altcoin (cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin) with the Japanese hunting dog Shiba Inu serving as its mascot. The Shiba Inu community, sometimes referred to as the SHIBArmy, views Shiba Inu as an alternative to Dogecoin.

The enigmatic Ryoshi introduced this meme currency in August 2020 as a practical prank. In the 28-page "woof paper," or whitepaper, Shiba Inu is described as a "decentralized spontaneous community building" experiment. Its sole goal is to respond to the following query: "What would happen if a cryptocurrency project was entirely managed by its community?"

How Do Shiba Inus Operate?

Shiba Inu is compatible with the extensive Ethereum ecosystem and is released on the Ethereum platform. The white paper claims that Ryoshi chose Ethereum as the launch platform for his meme currency because it is a "secure and well-established" platform that enables the project to stay decentralized and open to a large user base.

The best place to buy and sell Shiba Inu coins is on ShibaSwap, the decentralized exchange. The ecosystem also includes the 10,000 distinct NFTs that make up the Shiboshi, a network created by Shiba Inus that is accessible on the Ethereum blockchain, and the Shiba Inu Incubator, which seeks to find new artistic forms outside of the mainstream.

Where is SHIB sold?

Exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Huobi Global, and OKEx are places to buy SHIB. Additionally, it is traded on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) including 0x, 1inch, and Uniswap. Direct USD purchases of SHIB may be made at Coinbase; trading pairings using Tether (USDT), Binance USD (BUSD), or Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) are available on other exchanges.

SHIB's future

The creators of Shiba Inu have persisted in strengthening their dedication to a project that is "100% run by its community". The project's developers announced the launch of the first version of Doggy DAO in December 2021. This decentralized autonomous organization aims to give the Shiba Inu community power over the ShibaSwap DEX.

The Shiba Inu community will be able to vote in the first version of the DAO on which cryptocurrency projects get added to the DEX's liquidity pools and how their rewards in the BONE governance token will be divided.

Some people have become extremely wealthy as a result of SHIB's explosive growth; in just 400 days, one wallet's assets increased from about $8,000 to over $5 billion. Despite this, it continues to be a "joke token" driven by the attitude of ordinary investors. The phenomena has resemblance to the WallStreetBets trend, when Reddit traders would "ape in" to companies like GameStop and AMC due to their amusement, or to Crypto Twitter buying up tungsten cube stocks.

Should you take all the risks while investing?

It's common knowledge that the entire cryptocurrency space is extremely risky and volatile. To make matters worse, the cryptocurrency market is fraught with danger due to a lack of laws. While there are wealthy bitcoin owners and investors, there are also tales of several people who have suffered significant losses.

Now, back to Shiba Inus. Here, the hazards are a little different. Consider Bitcoin: designed as a peer-to-peer financial system to replace traditional banks, it is a cryptocurrency with its own mechanics, drawbacks, and volatility. Its blockchain offers a number of useful features, including broad visibility, intelligent contracts, and independence.

Shiba Inu and other meme currencies, on the other hand, are mostly dependent on the fervor and buzz of social media. Born out of online pranks, it was released straight into an already-existing blockchain. Its cost varies constantly and is correlated with support and tweets from celebrities.

However, it is undeniable that Shiba Inus had a significant market value in 2021. Is it wise to purchase this altcoin? Making an informed decision requires careful consideration of trends, in-depth research, and analysis.


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